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At Triple S Mobility, we know that the most important aspect of any vehicle, be it handicap accessible or not, is safety and reliability under all conditions. It is for this reason that we've engineered our own, tubular steel frame conversion process for handicap accessible vans. This process is infinitely more durable than the typical steel frame used in wheelchair vans, which is simply bent, glued, and screwed into place. That puts it at risk of bending, cracking, and warping, and it can lead to major headaches down the road for many users of handicapped vans.

To back up our innovative conversion process, we pair our new and used wheelchair vans with a 7 year, 70,000 mile warranty. We're able to do this because our accessible modifications are independent from original manufacturer systems; essentially, choosing Triple S Mobility is like getting a second layer of no-hassle, warranty protection on your handicap accessible van conversion.

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Rear Entry Wheelchair Vans

New and Used Wheelchair Vans

Rear Entry Wheelchair Vans

Our wheelchair vans are SIMPLE to use with a straight in/out wheelchair ramp design that allows you to quickly and safely load your wheelchair passenger. Our wheelchair conversion vans are as easy to drive and park as a regular car, fit in a standard parking space or garage and have higher ground clearance than all other wheelchair conversion vans available on the market today.

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Rear Entry Wheelchair Vans

rear entry wheelchair vans

We engineer our wheelchair vans to be SAFE,with the ONLY tubular steel frame wheelchair conversion in the industry.ALL other wheelchair conversion, both side and rear, are built with a pre-fabricated tub made from bent sheet metal with bands of steel for support and are merely glued and screwed into the van.

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Our wheelchair accessible conversion is built with the exclusive Frame and Pan® design. This unique construction creates a roll cage like effect around the wheelchair passenger making it the SAFEST wheelchair accessible conversion on the road.

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Every wheelchair conversion van comes with a full set of automatic retracting tie downs and complete lap and shoulder harness for added safety and simplicity with loading and unloading the wheelchair passenger.

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Rear Entry Wheelchair Vans

We engineer everything we do to be simple, safe and strong, as exemplified by the tubular construction we use when converting a vehicle to be handicap accessible. In addition to this industry-leading construction, we design our wheelchair accessible modification to use a simple in-out process; and our vans aren't any bigger than a standard vehicle, able to fit into a typical parking space without any special requirements or maneuvers. Beyond that, we pair each van with a 3 -chamber muffler and resonator, quieting the exhaust system and allowing for a truly peaceful ride down the highway every time.

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Not only are our wheelchair vans built with the Frame and Pan® design, (the STRONGest design in our industry) but the entire roll cage like frame is welded all the way around and the pan is fully welded to the frame. We seal those seams with over 100 ounces of industrial sealant and double undercoat the entire underside with special rubberized protectant.

Rear Entry Wheelchair Vans

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Rear Entry Wheelchair Vans

With more than forty years of experience in the medical equipment and van conversion industries, Triple S Mobility counts itself as one of the most experienced and established conversion companies anywhere. That experience is evident in our superior products, warranties, durable construction and conversion process, as well as our commitment to smooth, quiet rides, for every one of the wheelchair vans we convert.

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